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prevent high bounce rate

How to Prevent High Bounce Rate Clickfraud & Trafficfraud

Clickfraud and Trafficfraud is the main reason why Internet Users and Business starters does have so High Bounce Ratings, Prevent Clickfraud and Trafficfraud leads to Prevent High Bounce Rate. There is a possibility that more than one-third of the money spent on digital advertising goes to Clickfraud. This is another name for fraudulent click. In the year 2016, it was estimated that as much as $7b was paid to Clickfraud. The problem is on the increase. The implication is that hundreds of advertising companies are facing bills of thousands of dollars that never emanated from genuine clicks. The reason for the increase is that many businesses have realized the benefits of online ads and have decided to rely on that to promote their goods and services. It has become the prime target of fraudsters. If the problem is not tackled, it could destroy the reputation of online advertising. The question now becomes what are the solutions to the problem. Is there anything that can be done to bring that situation under control? What can the ads company do to protect their investment? It is possible to reduce the huge bills paid to fake advertisers. Keep reading to discover how to deal with Clickfraud and Trafficfraud.

type of fake traffic

Where is the clickfraud coming from?

If you want to tackle clickfraud, then the first step in doing that is to understand where that clickfraud is coming from. The fake traffic does not come on its own. The fact is that there is somebody somewhere working hard to make things difficult for you by trying very hard to destroy your business and keep out of the line. The first place to look into for the cause of the problem should be your competitors. It is now the unwritten rule in the business world that advertisers use unconventional methods to deal with their competitors and clickfraud is one of the methods. Some unethical competitors are most of the times responsible for fraudulent traffic. The aim is to force the competitors out of business by increasing the ad bill through fake clicks. It is either that these competitors hire cheap labor from third world countries, or they engage bot to do it for them. If your competitors do not cause the problem then you have to look into the direction of those looking for easy and unethical ways of earning money. It is even possible that publishers do that to increase the impression and make money out of the system. The dangers posed by this thing is not a small one and everybody needs to be bothered. The clickers are not interested in what is offered and they do not intend to read the site. It is a gross waste of resources. It is an empty click and this means that there is no return on investment. This is not good for the business.  

high bounce ratings

High Bounce Ratings Because of Fraud to Sites or No Interest to Read Sites.

High bounce rate simply indicates that many people land at a website and leave almost immediately without performing any task. The problem with the high bounce rate associated with trafficfraud is that nothing good comes out that visit. Two things are involved here. It is either that the persons who landed at that page do not find what they are looking for and they have to leave immediately. In some instances, such persons can take the contact info and leave immediately. In such a case nothing to worry about because such a person can eventually contact back. However, you will have something to worry about where the problem emanates from a competitors website.
Clickfraud Prevention Companies can help to solve the High Bounce Ratings
If you engage the services of clickfraud prevention companies, they can assist to prevent the high rate you pay on clickfraud. These companies use the latest technology to detect fake traffic, as well as prevent damages in the process.
There are several such companies on the internet. One of such companies includes the ClickGuard. There are several other companies that you can use and they include the following.
PPC protect
Click fraud protection
Click reports and so on.
These companies can do many things for you such as preventing clickfraud as well as preventing a high bounce rate. They will ensure that you receive only genuine visitors.

Trafficfraud and Clickfraud.

Trafficfraud and clickfraud are one of a kind. It involves the use of unconventional methods to get people to patronize their business. Fraudulent traffic is the same thing with fake traffic. This is because it is not traffic that is earned. People do not visit the site through the conventional organic search. Trafficfraud is like those companies directly soliciting that you buy from them, and they will reward you with real traffic. It is not different from the company that damages the competitors business by clicking ads. All these are fraud because it does not benefit anybody. Instead of benefiting anybody, it will do collateral damage to the business. Whichever way you look at it, money is wasted. They adopt unconventional method and such activities should be detected before it does more harm.



High Bounce Rate and Trafficfraud.

High bounce rate and trafficfraud go together. High bounce rate is the number of clicks which lands to your website and leaves immediately after landing. This would not be a problem if it were a genuine visit. It can be easily corrected by increasing your content quality and apply SEO best practices. It becomes a problem when it originates from trafficfraud. Those who land to the page do not have any genuine reason for visiting the site. It is for the sole purpose of generating fraudulent traffic. When somebody lands to a webpage, the next thing is for the visitor to do one thing or the other before leaving the site. The problem is that they do not intend to do business with that site.

Good bots vs bad bots.

Bots often crawl the net. The bot can be a good one or a bad one. It is a good bot when it engages in activities that promote your business, while it is a bad bot when it engages in counterproductive activities.
Usually, good bots are designed to search for those things that are potentially harmful to your business such as plagiarized contents, illegal uploads, and so on. There are many examples of good bots they include data bots. These give you important data information that can help you plan such as currency rates, weather, and news updates and so on. Another good example is the spider bots, which the search engine uses to search the net and index the result. It provides a useful result.
There are others like the trader bots. This also crawls the net and brings the information as it relates to online deals. There are many good bots. These are quite different from bad bots. They engage in unethical activities. An example of bad bot includes click bots. This clicks on ads fraudulently. There is also the download bot, which downloads from third parties.
Good bots are needed, but bad bots are not needed and everything must be done to stop them. Bad bots are responsible for the majority of clickfrauds and trafficfrauds. It can be said that bots are responsible for most of the problems confronting the online ads industry. Interestingly, there is a number of software that is capable of dealing with that problem.

How to Detect Clickfraud and High Bounce Rate.

These days there are many tools to detect clickfraud and high bounce rate. You can easily tell that you are having a click fraud from the unusual traffic to the site. This unusual traffic will result in a high bounce rate this huge traffic will come and will move immediately. This would suggest to you that something unusual is happening. When you discover such unusual traffic, you should follow up by carrying out a traffic audit. If it is coming from one direction, or it is coming from the same IP or ranges of IPs, it should be an indication that clickfraud and traffic fraud is ongoing. The best thing to do is to look for ways of blocking it. Another thing that can show clickfraud is when there is an unusual consumption of data. When that happens, it could be a sign that there is unusual activity. If your budget is depleted quickly without a corresponding increase in returns, it is a suggestion that something unusual is happening and that calls for urgent action.

How to Prevent High Bounce Rate & Clickfraud

Are there anything that can be done to prevent a high bounce rate? Yes, a number of things can be done. It is already stated that you have to look for sophisticated software that can detect and prevent that.

Isolate the IP addresses.

You have to carry out a traffic audit analysis to detect those bots or the IP ranges that are responsible for that. Once you identify them, you have to block them. :

Identify the location.

Look at the location that fraud comes from. When you identify such a location, you have to isolate them from having access to your ads or your website. The software listed above is good at this. Avoid low-quality sites While placing your ads you must be selective of the site quality. Avoid placing your ads in low-quality sites. Research has shown that more of these frauds come from non-established sites. Avoid such sites. If you use well-established sites, they can offer any necessary assistant to prevent fraud. In addition to that, you have to be mindful of the places you have your ads ensure that they are related to your niche. .

Report to search engines.

Search engines benefit from clickfraud, but sites like Google are ethical when it comes to traffic and fraud. Report to such search engines. They are also partners in progress as long as the fight against clickfraud is concerned. If you get refunds from such clicks, it could be a bitter lesson for those who engage in that. As said, the best approach would click the clickfraud software; once you activate it, the burden will be much reduced

Google Analytics vs Clicky Analytics.

Google and clicky are different ways of analyzing your web visitors and returns on your advertisement. Google is specifically concerned with advertising return on investment. It tracks your performance in terms of flash, social networking sites, as well as videos and so on. Clicky on the other hands helps bloggers to have a better understand the behavior of their site visitors. This helps these site owners to provide information that is more useful to their visitors. There are similarities and differences between them. In addition, webmasters preferred one method to the other. To understand the reason, let us look at their features. Web developers prefer Google analytic because of the following reasons: It is free; this means that you do not pay a dime to use it. Google analytic is simple and easy to set up. You can do that after studying the instructions.Data visualization is possible. You can observe the performance and decide what to do afterward.Besides, you will have real-time stats. You can change your campaign based on what you observed. Most importantly, it is goals tracking. You can track your goals in record time and make changes when you like. Furthermore, it comes with all the comprehensive sets and it is highly customizable. It also uses an elastic API. Clicky is preferred by some bloggers for a number of reasons. The most outstanding of the reasons is that it is easy to set up. It comes with all the details. Besides, it comes with interesting features and it is affordable but not free.

Indexing a Website and fetching.

Every webmaster must be familiar with website indexing and website fetching. When you index your site, it means that you have added it to the search engine database. Site owners always strive to index every page of their site. When Google bots crawl the web, it can come to your site. If it is not indexed, it cannot be crawled and it cannot form part of the search engine results. There are different ways of indexing a site so that it can get the attention of the search engine crawlers. Fetching a website means bringing the website to attention. Only sites that were indexed that could be fetched. If you visit a site and you like the content, you can bookmark it so that you can always fetch it whenever you want. The search engine bots do crawl a website. It crawls it with the aim of bringing it up for the search result or in response to the search query. Indexing must be done before crawling. Search engine crawlers would not crawl a website unless it is indexed and this means that it will become part of the search engine results.


List of Clickfraud Prevention Companies.

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