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prevention clickfraud

Seo Discrimination Prevent Clickfraud & Adfraud

  • Get Better Prevention by Reducing Seo Discrimination - Prevent Clickfraud & Adfraud.

Seodiscrimination. comes from fraudulent behavior on internet against Advertisers and Website Owners they are often victims because of Clickfraud, Adfraud, negative seo, ranking fraud, and many more. ?... Are you sick of searching on internet where you can only find (99.9%) of Sites that representing and produced Adfraud and Clickfraud. These BadBoys have and getting the Best Seo Rankings from the Largest Search Engines. Who Says Money Can't Buy Respect! If you want to start up a Business you will need to promote, so that you can get Real Traffic to your Homepage. But After Years and Years Spending Seo Time and Money you come to the conclusion that nothing does work. Its is All Fake Traffic and Fake Clicks on your ads. We are thinking that this is a Modern Form of Seo Discrimination that Must Changed the Right Way. For Example Adwords in Google Ads or other Companies Must Have the responsibility to inform the Advertiser (Before & not After!) that the High Bounce Rates and Fraudclicks Comes from ClickFarms and Competition Firms and explain simple what they can do to prevent this problem, (saying that it only comes from Low audience or Wrong Ads settings is not enough) Therefore We Advice to Google ads Company and other Companies that will give the same Services to do this, from now on, otherwise Your Company and other Companies Will be in the Future Broken By Massive Judge Claims! you can trust us it will happen.

Seo Discrimination. Google & Other Search Engines Must Have the Responsibility to do more to Prevent Clickfraud & Adfraud.

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Click Fraud Prevention Finder

Click Fraud Prevention 1.0 Freeware

With Click Fraud Prevention 1.0 Freeware you can two things, the first one is you can find out if a Website or Company is a Scam Company or not, the second is you have a Finder Tool where you can find Click Fraud Prevention Companies. For more info you can Click Here.

click fraud prevention software

How to Download and Start Click Fraud Prevention 1.0 Freeware?

  • Step 1 - Download and Unzip
    Click-Fraud-Prevention1.0-v?.zip File.
    Download the Latest Version Click Fraud Prevention 1.0 Freeware
    From Here.
    Or from Download Portal Buttons Below
    Get it from CNET Download.com! download-softpedia Free Software Download - Top 4 Download Free Software Download - Windows 10 Download Free Software Download - Windows 7 Download Reviewed by Software Informer Download Click Fraud Prevention Tools soft32 download click fraud prevention
  • Step 2 - Run the [Click Fraud Prevention.exe] File.
    (No Need to Install)
  • Step 3 - And you are Ready to Go.

Requirements are:

- Windows System 32/64 Bit (98/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10)
- Internet.

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types of fake traffic

Clickfraud There are to many Clickfarms Companies, We are not sure that Real People from these Clickfarms will do Manually Clicks on Ads, We have more the Feeling that something else is going on, We can not say they own and controls Local Servers & Local DNS Servers, but what will happen, if these Companies controls some Local Servers or Local DNS Servers over the World. Then they can do from there automatic Ipclickfraud.

Adfraud. Why is it so easy to make money if you are the owner of a Scam Company, and why are these websites with a Bad Reputation Ranked so High in the search Engines. and why is it so difficult if you have a good reputation and you are the Starter or owner of a Good Company or Website to be Ranked High in the Search Engines.

Scam Company. are companies that have a bad reputation, they say Promote with us and you will get Traffic from Real People to your Website. but you will get only Bot Traffic or Fake Traffic

Adwords in Google Ads. Sorry Google but we have to must say, After Years of trying to promote with Google Adwords your Company Have Failed to Prevent Click fraud on Adwords, First this it is a sad thing that the Users or Advertisers not can Contact (by Email with a Real Person) in the Google Support  the only thing what Users can do is to Contact with Virtual Helpdesk (feed back) and then the get a answer back with a useless default/standard formular. The Second Thing is ClickFarms are able to do Clicks on ads and we must say That Google Adwords has failed to automatic paying it back for these useless Clicks or useless Traffic to the users or Advertiser. (refunding back who cares) (Google Shame on you, you are Responsibillity in quadrad for indirect Hurting the Economy and Small Business) (From every 1$ Dollar they will get, then the Economy/Business will Losing +-100$ Dollar and the money does not flow/grow) (Small Business Companies can not making money or they stop to existing (Broken by))

Click fraud will cost advertiser a lot of money.

Is Google Adwords in Google Ads a Scam Company

Google Adwords. in google Ads is not a Scam Company but the Clicks on ads are not very useful if the Scam Companies and clickfarms are able and allowed to do automatic generate clicks to these ads. google must prevent these modem mac adresses and ip adresses. they can do that very easy from out Local Servers and local DNS Servers (by temperary Blacklisted/blocked and identified, if these ips does do automatic clicks on ads more 500x clicks in a day) 

Tips for Better Prevention on Google Adwords in Google Ads

Seo Discrimination - Scam Company vs Good Business Company

What is Seo Discrimination?

If Bad Companies can have Good Seo Rankings and then can true this, Hurt Good Companies/Advertisers then we can say this is a form of Seo Discrimination . Google search engines and other search engines over the world must stopping doing this.

Scam Company. are companies that have a bad reputation, but the strange thing is they can make more and more money and they grow bigger and bigger and they shout not get rewarded From the Largest Search Engine companies by rank higher on the internet.

Good Business Company. are companies that have a good reputation. But +-75% of them can not get Real Traffic to the Homepage, The reason is they can not find Advertising companies with a good reputation and it is hard to say, but they only find These Scam companies. or they find good Advertising companies and then the Clickfarms and other Scam Companies can do Clickfraud and adfraud by doing Clicks on ads or by driving useless Bot Traffic. we can not understand why Clickfarms and Scam companies does have so many options to doing this, we have doing a Analyse and we come to the conclusion if a Bad Clickfarm make 1.000.000$ profit then the Economy and the Good Companies will Loosing 10x1.000.000$=10.000.000$ we can explain why, [Traffic from Real People does have (Buy/profit Results - money will flow)] & [Bot Traffic does have (No Buy/profit Results - money does not flow)] It is sad to say but seo does not work like it shout be.

clickfraud ideas to prevent

Clickfraud and Adfraud can be Better Solved if the Search Engines and Advertise Companies doing this:

  • Scam Companies and ClickFarm Companies Should not Rank High in the Search Engines (they do Now).
  • Split the Search Results in more Catogories > All + Images + Videos  + SearchByDatum > AllPages + OnlyHomepages + OnlySubSites + OnlySubDomains + SearchByRankValue + SearchByRankAge + SearchByAgeOfSite + ....
  • Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and other Sites Should Allow Comments in all case to publish it even if it is Spam (you must split it and not remove it). These Days Nobody Can Give a Positive or Bad Critic on Comments, For example a User Write a Comment On a Youtube Video > i do not Like your Video this is what is Wrong. - The Owner of that video Can Simple remove that comment this is wrong. This will Happen also in Other Social Media Platforms and Other Sites.
  • Listen better to Clients that complains and listen Better to the Tips that they give for improvements, and then do take action and not say only we take it serious and goodbye.
  • And In Support Communities do not hide the comments from Clients that complains - Example > [Sort by Old Comments to New Comments] it should be [Sort by New Comments to Old Comments.] 
  • Prevent as free services Clickfraud and Adfraud by indentify each Modem Devices where it comes. Prevent Ip adress without Prevent Modem(ips) Mac Adress it is useless
    And the Servers must doing this Temperary Blocking the Clicks on ads if From a Modem Device comes bulk clicks. (Temperary blacklisted)
    The Local Server and Local Dns Servers Have the responsibility to do this in own interest!
  • DeMotivate Scam Companies and ClickFarm Companies with Low Ranking or Motivate/Explain to these Companies that they can make more
    money if they Switch over to a Good Company (Prevent Click Fraud). and explain How they can do that. it is always better to make a deal with them and in long term the profit/Economy for all parts will expansional Rising.
    We did make a Calculation and we do Now How.
  • And it is time to say to the Larges Search Engines change your Stratics, by Giving the Users More Options to do a Selective Search. (Example > More Parameters Options for Google Query Search)
    So that they Have Better Search Results, for Example : image - Video - datum - Search only in Homepages - Search only in subdomain - Search only in subsites - Search only in Rank nr - Search only in Ages of Sites.
    Examples > site:example.com test > homesite:*.com test
    allow Clients to do this > get search results with only Homepages Results or Only Subdomain Results or only SiteSub Results.
    google query search
  • Give Starters and Beginners a Higher and a Fair Chance to Rank Higher in Search Engines,
    for Example > On Youtube you are only have Clickable Link  in video to Homepage. if
    you Have More then +100 Subscribers. The Result is they need to buy Subscribers from these Scam Companies, Motivation Oh Motivation, Good Companies Can almost not be find in the Search Engines.
  • Prevent DislikeFraud from Clickfarms on Youtube Videos or other Platforms.
  • And for Example on Adwords in Google Ads, Inform Clients before that High Bounce Rating Can be ClickFarms and can Solved by Prevention Companies. Google Ads or other Service Companies you have the responsibility to do that before otherwise Your Company Will be Broken By Massive Judge Claims! and this info must also be find (with the Highest SEO Ranking) if the users do a search on internet with the keywords > [High Bounce Rate ...]
  • Do not charge Advertisers if they get Fake Views from Clickfarms.
  • The users must have always the options to do Comments on Youtube Video's do not let allow the owners of that video to hide these comments it is better to Split these Comments in 2 parts. The users must can do give critic comments for example to say your youtube is not good  (same like, as a spam folder from a email account or do changing it in a different color, but the users must have always the option to see whats in it)
  • Youtube Clickable link to Homepage only possible if you have more the 100 Subscribers
  • And the Last One is, Hide in the Search engine All the Ads icons, so that Clickfarms can not identify ads,
    and if the users click on the Ads Links then they get a for example a Red adress bar, and if they Click on a Normal Link then they Get a Green adress bar. (so like Http or https icon in adessbar)

Seodiscrimination Prevention Tips.

SEO discrimination is a reality. This technique, if you allow it to continue, would cause fatal damage to your site. The strategies vary and in whichever way you see it, it will cause more harm than good. Here are strategies you can use to prevent SEOdiscrimination. Monitor your backlinks profile regularly You must ensure that you regularly check your backlink profile to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your site. Check every link in your sites and if there are any you do not know about, you should notify Google about that.2 Secure your site and social media logins Ensure that you secure your website as well as your social media logins. If it vulnerable, people could hack it, and this could spell doom for your business. When people hack your site, they can do an unconventional thing that can cause serious damage to you. Look for a secure password to use. Setup email notification In your webmaster account, you should set up email notification. You can get instant notification when there is something amiss with your account. When you set the account, you have to check your account regularly for important messages.
Create Google alerts for your domain You should always monitor your content to ensure that they remain intact. If there are problems created for your domain, you can deal with instantly. This also has to do with your products and everything in your domain. Check the content regularly with the aim of identifying those damaging ones and remove them.


SEO Discrimination The New Lexicon Word for Clickfraud and Adfraud. 

Seodiscrimination. The greatest obstacle confronting search engine advertising is the issue of click fraud. Click fraud is the click generated through fraud. The intent of such a click is to steal from the advertisers.Sometimes a person commits the fraud. In most other times, a robot commits it. The clickers do not have any interest in the offers they click. Their major aim is to generate revenue through illegitimate means. The real motivation for fraud is financial gain. Some businesses hire people to do that to push their competitors out of business.Internet publishers who want to generate revenue for themselves can engage in that kind of practice. In addition to that, advertisers who want to cause harm for other advertisers can do that to escalate their cost of business, since the click does not translate to genuine customers. In some cases, it is caused by misapprehension by newcomers who click ads at ransom without knowing that they are causing harm to advertiser’s business.

Definition of SEO Discrimination.

Search engine optimization SEO plays an important part in traffic generation and site ranking. Advertisers rely heavily on SEO tools to enhance traffic and earn money. Any person who wants to make money will know the importance of SEO and its tools. These days, many people now want to generate fake traffic. This means that they do not rely on organic SEO to generate traffic. This is click fraud, and it leads to SEO discrimination. Many companies in the quest to make money have turned themselves to clickfarm. This is another name for clickfraud. Most of these frauds do occur on those sites that often display contextual ads such as those ads that have to do with AdSense. This is not surprising Site owners perpetuate this kind of fraud. The reason is that they stand to gain whenever there is a click in ads on their site. Such site owners have now realized that they can earn huge sums of money when many people click on such ads. Clickfraud is on the increase because the PPC campaign is also on the increase. Moreover, keyword prices are also on the increase. This makes clicking more competitive. As a result, people engage in that through fair or foul means. The amount of money paid by advertisers per click is on the increase. It used to be 45 cents in 2004 and it is on the increase. There is a bidding war amongst advertisers. Advertisers themselves engage in that fraud to make things difficult for their competitor advertisers. Some people in affiliate networks engage on that to increase their earnings. It is the quest for more money that motivates click fraud. Those who engage in clickfraud use different techniques. Some people hire international workers at a cheap cost to perform the task for them. It is common some unethical companies do designate workers to engage on that click jobs for them. Online robots are programmed to click ads. Several software is available, which are programmed to carry out the nefarious activities on the internet. The fact is that there are many ways of carrying it out. Clickfraud is a worry to advertisers and the search engines. SEO discrimination has to do with black hat techniques. It has to do with most of the things forbidden by the search engines. It involves the use of keyword stuffing, fraudulent click, invisible texts as well as doorway pages, and so on. These SEO practices go contrary to search engine guidelines. The aim of engaging in that practice is to gain financially. Those who engage on that as said earlier are not interested in long-term investment. They want quick money. They consider the immediate gain they make from that to be more important than the consequences that follow it, which could be an immediate ban.

What is a Clickfarm Company?

Clickfarm Company is composed of workers hired to carry out click on PPC ads links for their paymasters. They click the link provided in that site, surf it briefly and register for a program before leaving the site. The people who are hired are often paid and because they earn revenue, they work hard to satisfy their paymasters. It is not easy to differentiate this from other click bots because they behave as if they are genuine surfers. Such clickfarm workers are located in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. These people need money coming from such projects. Such companies can sell leads, followers and so on. Some of these clickfarmers can be useful.

What is Adfraud?

Adfraud or advertisement fraud is a false representation of advertisement impressions. It presents fake conversion, clicks as well as fake data and the aim being to generate revenue. Such ads are concerned with video ads, banner ads, as well as app ads. Furthermore, it is associated with mobile advertising, search marketing as well as conversion fraud that is associated with affiliate marketing.

What is Ipfraud?

IPfraud has to do with committing fraud hiding your IP address. An iP address is the digital location of the user or the device. When the clicker hides the IP address, it will look as if he is surfing from a different location. This is a fraud because it conceals the actual location you are surfing the web from. Usually, those who commit such crime would have such an IP address blocked.

Clickfraud vs Adfraud.

Adfraud and clickfraud are closely related because they involve traffic irregularity. Adfraud is based on fake data and not every information presented is the real information. Clickfraud is click done with the aim of generating revenue. Click fraudsters do not have any genuine interests in the ads. Advertisers perpetrate Adfraud while the internet surfers perpetrate clickfraud.

What is a Scam Company?

Scam Company is a firm that engages in dishonest activities. It is done in an attempt to earn revenue. Many online firms engage in a confidence trick. The company will misrepresent themselves with the aim of obtaining money for what they are not. They are involved in lots of activities such as phishing, spoofing, baiting, and several other unethical behaviors. They engage in cheap labor from other parts of the world to be part of their team.

Bot Traffic vs Real Traffic.

Bot traffic as the name suggests are fake traffic. Real traffic on the other hands is organic traffic. It is traffic involving human beings. Bot traffic on the other hands does not involve human beings. Real traffic can be converted to purchasing customers. This is not possible with bot traffic, because they are not human beings. Carrying out your traffic analytic using bot traffic would be misleading.

Definition of Clickfraud. 

Clickfraud is a form of internet crime where somebody maliciously clicks PPC ads. The click is for the advantage of the clicker or the webmaster but at the cost of the advertiser who does not gain anything from such a click. Advertisers do not gain because the people involved in such do not have any interest in the product advertised. Such clicks can be performed in different computers and it can be automated. Already parties that partake in that fraud include competitors of these advertisers. They do this to make things difficult for their competitors.
Furthermore, it is caused by ad-driven sites. They can stage such clicking fraud to generate more revenue. The fraud works for the webmasters, but it is to the detriment of the advertisers. Google and other search engines frown at such situations and they always follow it with stiff penalties.

How to Prevent Clickfraud on AdWords in Google.

Clickfraud is one of the biggest challenges confronting internet advertisers. Many people may be thinking that Google is not concerned with the problem. That is not the true position. Google intervention has reduced that problem significantly. Because of that, the problem is not as rampant as it used to be. If there is proof of income earned because of click fraud, Google will return such money to the advertisers. Google and other search engines knew that if they fail to do something about it, soon advertisers would leave in droves.If you want to stop such click fraud in your AdWords account, you can try any of the following methods: IP exclusions If you identify any IP address that frequently, engages in clickfraud, you have to exclude such an IP by blocking it. It is not difficult to do. You can outsource it to professionals. The major problem you can encounter with such policy is that people located in that region, especially those using that IP address would be cut off and this could lead to loss of revenue. Do not allow certain domain extensions Check for those domain extensions that are responsible for clickfraud. There are some domain extensions, which are popular that they cannot be used for such frauds. There are others that are not popular and they are created for such purpose. Always check to ensure that you remove such domains from your system. Exclude sites from display networks Check through ads sites that run ads frequently. You should be able to differentiate the genuine ones from those that frequently engage in such frauds. Identify those that engage in that fraud and remove them from the network so that they do not cause more problems for you.

List of Companies that can prevent Clickfraud.

There are lots of companies that engage clickfraud detectors. Different software is also available, which you can use to detect and prevent clickfraud. Here are some of the software that you can use and they include the following:

PPC Protect
ClickGUARD effectively detects and blocks all money wasting click fraud
Kochava - A Unified Audience Platform.
ClickReport - Clickfraud Detections and Monitoring
Adtector - Block Suspicious Clicks Automatically - nofraud onclicks.
Improvely - Tracking and clickfraud detection.
PPCSecure - Click Fraud Detection - ip Tracking.
Click Guardian
PerimeterX - Bot and Clickfraud Detection/Protection.
Statcounter - Web analytics.
Clicky - WebSite Analytics.
Xiona - Click Fraud Detection and Prevention.
Impact Forensiq
TrafficGuard - Can Detect Before it Hitting your Advertising.
ShieldSquare - Filter and block bad bots before they infiltrate into your web applications.

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Crawlers and Search Engines.

Crawlers and search engines are related. A web crawler is also known as a spiderbot. It is that internet bot, which browses the internet for web indexing. Search engines use crawlers to update their content. The two work together. Crawlers have to copy pages for processing and the search engines use the pages so processed. Search engines rely on the crawlers to index and rank web pages. It is possible for search engines to present and itemize result of their searches. These would not have been possible without the web crawlers. Web surfers search resources through the search engines, the search engines depend on the crawlers to present their results.

Seo Tips to Ranking a Website.

Search engine optimization plays very important roles when it comes to ranking your site. Here are some useful points to consider:
Link building
Quality content
Keyword research
On page SEO optimization
Off page SEO optimization


List of Clickfraud Prevention Companies:

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